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Here are the unleashed pages of a sober chick in recovery. My journey (date of sobriety) began on June 13th, 2005. For 29 years of my life I was spiritually sick. Emotinally defeated by drunken black-outs, bulimic binging and purging episodes and self-mutilation, I finally surrendered.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

hAAppy half-nAAked Thursday

Ever wonder how many licks it takes to . . .

Turn your tongue BLUE ????? Not Much I tell you.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006


We have begun the process of painting our home now. It looks like this is gonna take a few more weekends. We started in the master bedroom. My mom has offered to help us, this is her expertise. My mom is the kind of woman that puts her own breaks on, changes her oil, sparkplugs, knocks down walls in her home at 2:00 am in the morning to merge 2 rooms and so much more. She is a handy woman, and I love her for that. However for the girlie things I had to seek this on my own, it is ok, I am over it and thankful today that I have my mom in my life and truly love her for what she is.

Mitch has learned a lot, he is not handy around the house. However when it comes to setting up our internal server, wires and things like that he is a pro. My job is staying out of trouble, espically this weekend. Yup, I am blogging now with the Jetsons playing on my dual monitor. I was helping but making more work, LOL, hey I am not perfect.

I did however reorganize our kitchen and did some gardening this weekend. I am cool. I am enjoying pet sitting. We have my brother's dog here (the biggest one) Dr. Bear (my mom is taking care of her "grand doggie this weekend hence why he is here) and tonight I begin pet sitting our neighbor's 2 black cats. I love animals!

grAAtitude right here!
- My Mom
- Being in Love
- the plants I have adopted are taking to my love and nurturing
- eMail from my sponsor
- Recovery girl's night out with Alexis and Mel
- 14 months + of sobriety
- that soon the Holidays will be here
- that I look like a mess from working on the house and don't mind at all
- having Dr Bear here
- my 4 legged babies
- fresh air
- the recovery peeps that visit my blog and read about my life
- my brilliant God

Friday, August 25, 2006

Say Hi to Hippy Chick

hAAppy fridAAy Beautiful Peeps!

When you have a moment, stop by and say hello to a new friend in the recovery sphere Hippy Chick.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

hAAlf Naked Domo-Kun

Domo-Kun traveled all the way from China to live with us. Many times he likes to travel around the house and find new places to explore, yes, he is Domo-Kun the Worldly Traveler. Sometimes he is in the cat posts, the bathroom, on the curtains and thensome! He loves to play with the cats and make them upset. As you can see below I had to intervene and break up the quarrel. These kids.

todAAy I am grAAteful:
- God and all the blessings in my life
- to go to bed tonight sober
- eMail from Mel
- Sober Girls night out Friday
- my roses today and how the gesture made me feel
- learning to abandon self effecient-ness
- keeping it simple and knowing that is ok
- all of YOU!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm In Love

I feel sooooo special right now. The receptionist called me and asked me to go up front because I had some flowers waiting. I was "what, are you sure you have the right Chrisina?" I went and discovered these beautiful red roses for me from Mitch, and on the card it said "Thinking of You, Love Mitch."

This little gesture has made me feel like a princess, how beautiful is my man. He is so giving, unselfish and has the warmest heart. I am so blessed to be in love with him and more so, that he encourages me in my recovery and knows the importance of my sobriety. Just for a moment I am gonna sit here and embrace this feeling I have. My soul is rejuvinated and I am grateful to God for my life today.

Note: These are not the actual roses but they sure look similar! Regardless it is his action that makes me feel wonderful.

What tha' "Bleep", HNT????

What is happening with our Half Nakid Thursday Button??????? I am baffled.

I removed mine at the moment and plan to put it back on once it is fixed. Hmmmmmm, anyone knows what is a happs?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

In Vegas!

Hi Beautiful Peeps!!!

My busy-ness is gonna come to a hault come Tuesday so I will be back in the frequent recovery cyber sphere with you all. Right now I am in bed at the Mirage in Vegas enjoying the morning (a Vegas morning that is if that exist in the city that never sleeps).

My brother's wedding was gorgeous least to say. He looked so handsome yesterday. He is such a goofball, making faces for the camera and such. My dad use to do that all the time, somehow my brother unconsciously adopted it. I got to meet one of my brother's spiritual mentors yesterday. This person has helped my brother get closer to God and discover a new peace in his life. He use to be a heroine addict (his friend) and today lives a life close to God. His energy is beautiful, and you could just feel his passion, his ambition and unconditional love towards God and God's children while in his presence. As he left he turned to me and told me how much my brother loves me (I am so moved right now tears are forming), and congradulated me (without saying the reason, but for my recent sober birthday).

Take a looksie at some of the PICS!

Mitch and I went to see cirque du soleil's "KA" last night. It was Beautifiul! Talk about going to work and loving what you do -- promoting health and creativity. I was so tired after yesterday's looooong day, I slept as if I were back in the drinking days. Mitch brought me up coffee, I did not hear him get out of bed or shower. At one point I poured Equal in the trash then put the wrappers in my coffee, LOL, am so grateful I know I am just tired and it is not a result of the dark days.

I cannot phantom the idea of getting sober here at the beginning. Drinking is so easy here, it is ubiquitous and cheap. You know how some of us would wake up waiting until the store would open to get our fix, well no need for that here. Yikes. Right now I embrace my sobriety and God's blessings: my brother and Jen, new family, my Mom, Aunt Ona, Uncle Richard, Aunt Sue, Mitch and just gift of life. I am having fun here and SOBER!!!!!

Ok, I am gonna catch up on your lives today the bet I can. Gonna head to the pool right now and enjoy some free skin cancer. I will be back after and enjoy visiting you. For now just know you are in my thoughts and I love you.

Sending you Hugs. SC

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Checking In- Happy HNT!

Whew, non stop!

Last weekend we moved Mitch's mom to Arizona, and this weekend I am off to Vegas to see my little and only brother get married. At first I was really upset. The dialog in my head telling me that Vegas is boring for someone like me. Sinister tempatations lie there, gambling, alcohol and many other things. Then I was thinking I have to get a dress, find a hotel, how to get there, a pet sitter, blah blah blah.

I am such a little fart, cuz HELLO it is my brother's BIG day. Get over yourself Sober Chick. So I came to that thing we recovery folks call acceptance. Once I shut the committee down in my wonderful but sick mind I began to see thru the forest. I can have fun in Vegas! I then booked a flight, hotel and rental car for my sweetheart and I. Mitch does not drink or gamble (just cuz it is a choice of a healthy lifestyle, go figure! I love my Al-Anon "normie") and so we planned events that we both can do there and have "us" time.

We got tickets to Cirque du Soleil. Mitch was a gymnast in college at Illinois State and was a member of the Circus team there (he taught me how to juggle clubs, he bought me a set of pink ones -- I am learning new tricks and passing with him, I will have to show yall someday). We are going sight seeing and have gonna have sober FUN! Plus I get to see my brother get married, that is amazing to me and I will cry, I just know it. This is his first marriage (and Jen's, his fiance, I love her to death, the perfect balance for my brother) and they have no kids, only 3 dogs. These decisions are based from our experiences as kids -- growing up in a violent broken home and not following in that path.

I am grateful for my experiences as a child, and the pain endured. I began to follow the footsteps of my ill father, but have been so blessed with angels around me that intervention occurred before I fell into the depths of complete insanity.

I am busy with work too, but all things should reside after this weekend then we begin painting our home and making it ours. Yay.

grAAtitude, woot-woot!
- Trish, that she loved me and did not judge me when I was so sick and living in her house -- and for her support and unconditional love as I began my life-long recovery
- My sweety-Pie and the foundation we are building together
- that Olive did not hurt herself when she slipped down the stairs this morning (we have hardwood floors and our Old Lady has trouble sometimes)
- that I have a chance to blog today and catch up on your lives
- all the people that are a part of my recovery, MUAH!
- for my plants still hanging in there with their new mommy! (I think your prayers are working)

and . . .

hAApy HNT, I am placing my naked but alive plants today as greetings!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Furball 4 HNT

Yes it is another pic of one of my babies and me. I took this one as a screen capture from the iSight on my Mac as I was blogging at home. Please take not of the mirror ceiling . . . NOT our idea so please don't get kinky ideas. LOL. Come See Us being hAAppy on this fine HNT HERE!

I grew up in a broken household. My dad was in daily blackouts and I learned to love him by feeling sorry for him. My parents would argue frequently and violence would break out. I went to a place within to feel safe. Over the years as a child I discovered safety in loving my animals. They did not hurt me or make me feel scared. They needed me and made me feel that I had a purpose.

This carried onto my adult life. In fact, I went to school to be a Veterinary. I worked as a veterinary technician for 7 years. I went to school and almost finished my undergraduate classes. I became lost in life, the merry go round stopped and my avenues of numbing did not work anymore. I seeked false serenity in food and alcohol.

I went back to school because I wanted to make more money. I wanted my career and money status to define my self worth. I thought it would complete me. Today I realized what I walked away from. I made less money, was on my feet all day, delt with emotional clients, and so on. I was so happy, I had true purpose and so much more. I miss it all. This is ok. I am very gAAteful where I am at today. The team I work with know I am in recovery. I laugh here often and I like the moral here. I cannot take this for granted or I will always be searching for the fix tomorrow.

Just for today I choose to live in the solution and embrace that which is right in front of me. Did you feel that? I am embracing your love. ;)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Life Is Everywhere, What Magical Energy!

Above: After 3 days of being hospitalized, Budda got to come home. She has a yellow pressure wrap on her forearm from the IV catheter. Barely 2 weeks old, she fought.

Above: The babies getting aquainted with their new home. Initially we were only going to keep one. Yah right!

Above: Budda Baby attempting to walk. Her legs barely supported her body. She shook when she walked and allowed for shadows and sound to guide her.

Above: Asia, the little tank. She had no problem feeding from the bottle. She was so easy to raise. It was Budda that kept me on my mommy toes.

Above: Budda as a healthy adult. Still delicate, she is not a big eater, she is our precious miracle.

Above: Asia and that common look that she is up to something. She tests my patience and how I love her for that.

Gifts of Life
One of my favorite sites is called the Daily Kitten. My dear friend Tab introduced it to me (thank you Tabs). I got an email from someone that is a part of the Daily Kitten. It was a nice email and allowed me to take a moment and reflect on some beautiful gifts in my life.

You know, I still have some old behaviors that are regurgitated at times. I borrow from the old me as I try to align my soul out of complete darkness. Shadows lurk here and there for it is them that has brought me impure comfort.

I am being guided out of the tunnel. I am lead by the radiance of gifts my God has given me.

todAAy i am grAAteful:
- leading the meeting at Crown City Friday night
- spending time with Alexis
- my time with my Mitch on Saturday in the OC
- mom and doggie time w/Olive on Sunday
- that I can be completely honest in the rooms of AA and not bear fear of judgement
- the christmas lights in my deck
- my new plants (I am trying to be a good mommie to them, I need your prayers)
- laughter and slaPP happy giggles
- that Monday is over
- all of my animals and how they take me out of me
- Y O U :)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

hAAppy HNT Yall!

Olive & I are so hAAppy today is HNT -- one more day closer to Friday!!!

Come and see more happy HNT peeps right HERE!

I am grAAteful:
- my old lady friend Olive and all the years we have had together so far.
- our 4 cats, Boo, Asia, Nic and Budda
- inner exploration of my need to "control" my environment and the release from it
- being in Love with a beautiful man
- My mom and her visit Tuesday night
- my conversation with Terra and her spiritual guidence
- that the foundation of my sobriety is priority
- to discover others got sober first, then abstinant
- my new coffee maker
- accepting affection
- to be left handed
- that today is HNT
- YOU you yooooouuuuuuuuu (did you hear my singing pitch on that????)

Lots of Love, Muah!