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Here are the unleashed pages of a sober chick in recovery. My journey (date of sobriety) began on June 13th, 2005. For 29 years of my life I was spiritually sick. Emotinally defeated by drunken black-outs, bulimic binging and purging episodes and self-mutilation, I finally surrendered.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weekend Blessings

I had dinner Friday night with 2 of closest sober sisters Mel and Alexis. I love them so much. We laughed so much talking about how it use to be pulling off all our sick Shinanigans. We are only a handful left of women that went through the house around this time last year.

I remember when I had 2 weeks (I was in primary care then) they told us it was a fact that most of us would not make it. "Look to your left and look to your right, only one of you may be here in a year." No way I said. It was the truth, soon my sisters started dropping like flies.

So why us, why are we still here? At first I was terrified that I had not reached that point of complete desperation that forced many to go back out. But I am no different than that person locked up as a result of his/her alcoholic actions. I suffer from a spiritual malody that only a spiritual solution can remedy. I am grateful that there is a solution for all that clatter that exist in m head. My life today, even in early recovery, is staturated with blessings.

Saturday night Mitch and I had a wonderful dinner at Tidal Wave. I was excited to have the beautiful sound of the Czardas (the song playing is from their CD, "Never On Sunday") beaming relaxing therapy into my soul. Of the Trio, only 2 were playing but they still sounded magnificent. I learned that the 2 there were Father and daughter, Brian & Rebecca (leader of the trio, Gary was away). I felt so beautiful after talking to them -- this feeling caused by seeing their relationship and how music plays a role in it. I felt this energy and goodness within by the simplicity of seeing this relationship. Although I will never have this type (or any type) of relationship with my Father (jails, institutions or death, he is well on his way, roaming the streets halucinating today -- all what the Big Book tells me) I can have this for my children, 2 loving parents.

todAAy i am thAAnkful & grAAteful:
- that I will be entering my 30s sober with God's grace and love
- That I have 2 wonderful trudging buddies whom I love and are teaching me to be accountable for my actions
- That tonight I will be going to Casa to give my sober sister April (she gets a year May 5th!) my donos (donations). She puts them to good use.
- That I got to speak to my Uncle and help him with some concerns about his Bunny
- My Mom, that she did the best she could and that 2day I love her for who she and do not obsess at what she is NOT.
- For my new iDOG, take a look, I am a new Mommy

- Spongebob Squarepants, Charlie Brown, the simple fact that I love watching cartoons
- Mitch and our furballs
- That self pity does not rule me; and I pray daily that my father will discover what I have and realize the gift of life. My gratitude here is that I do not WOO-IS-ME about not having a father. I am grateful for Hope!
- The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and Bill W's story. Although he could not keep another alcoholic sober at first, he was staying sober.
- The chilie California weather (yes, I am a weakling, 65 degrees is considered cold inmy book)
- You blogging peeps & the new (hope I got the link right this time) oooh man and to see it grow . . .


At 4/23/2006 10:39 PM, Blogger White Magpie tells all . . .

"Everything habitual pulls an ever tighter net of spider webs around us; and soon we notice that the threads have become ropes and
that we ourselves are sitting in the middle as the spider that has caught itself and must feed on its own blood."

I stumbled on your blog by accident and then stopped to read your writing. Brave girl, ah applaud your journey and strength.


At 4/24/2006 5:07 AM, Blogger Rex tells all . . .

Great post! The facts are so true, but they are a reminder to stay vigilant to our spiritual solution at all times and reach out for the help of an outstretched hand of a fellow traveler on this journey through sobriety. You are a winner today because you woke up sober and hopefully you'll go to bed that way too.

At 4/24/2006 8:02 AM, Blogger Tab tells all . . .

Sober Chick, This post gave me goosebumps.Your sharing so much inspiration and hope here today and more and more in your daily everyday.And lots of smiles too! :)
Thank you for sharing~

At 4/24/2006 12:33 PM, Blogger Lex-Sunshine tells all . . .

AWESOME post, Gratitude and Attitude!! YOU ROCK!

At 4/24/2006 6:29 PM, Blogger butterflygirl tells all . . .

I love the music. I also love reading your grAAteful list.

At 4/25/2006 5:11 AM, Blogger Scott W tells all . . .

Is it me? The pop up window asking to activate ActiveX makes everything freeze when you try to close it or say okay. What's up with that?

At 4/25/2006 6:07 AM, Blogger Christine tells all . . .

I am happy you are here today and making progress on this road of recovery. You are blessed and in turn, so am I.

At 4/25/2006 8:53 AM, Blogger Sober Chick tells all . . .


I am trying to figure out the Active X (I am now obessing. LOL). It is a Windows applet program (I run off a Mac) and perhaps a security feature on your PC. Have you ever had trouble with my site b4 this post?

Has anyone else had problems with this or something similar to Scott? .

Scott, I think that the browser u use on your PC may be having a conflict with the way I embedded some of the audio files (hence a security pop up). I am researching this and appreciate your post and hope to get it fixed soon. Thanks o bunch.

Smiles and Hugs 2 everyone,



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